GizmoxTS - How does it work?

How does it work?

Machine guided. Human controlled

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Legacy desktop such
as VB6


Transposed to
Modern desktop
such as Win Forms
With no UI changes


Transposed to
HTML5 Browser and architecture such as
With or
without UI upgrade


Transposed and refactored
to tablets & smartphones
with UI upgrade
and touch experience with ASP.NET MVC architecture and HTML5 Sencha Touch controls

Digitally Refactored by Machine, 10X faster than manual refactoring

  • Legacy Desktop, (i.e. VB6)
  • Transposed Desktop, (i.e. Win Forms)
  • Transposed Desktop Browser, (i.e. HTML5)
  • Transposed HTML5 mobile, (i.e. iOS, Android)
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Digitally Assessed by Machine, 10X faster than manual reverse engineering

  • Semantic “understanding”
  • Dependencies analysis
  • Continuous compilation – gaps & progress analysis
  • Dead code & functions removal analysis
  • Transposition plan
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Processed by Machine, 10X faster than traditional manual rewrite

  • Rule based: suggestions, existing rules, custom rules
  • Code parsing, refactoring, mapping
  • Preview
  • Applied horizontally on all occurrences by the machine
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Code Standardization by Machine, 10X easier maintenance than manually rewritten code

  • Maintainable by standard Visual Studio of choice
  • FXCop compliance
  • Enhanced web, mobile designer for desktop developers
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Yet, Human controlled!

  • Visual Studio IDE
  • Interactive, machine-generated suggestions, human decisions
  • Code import & integration
  • UI redesign
  • Behaviors
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