System Integrators have long been the guides of transformational IT projects in large businesses and enterprises, leading the latter’s way each time into the next great generational computing cycle.
Now, once again, IT finds itself at the cusp of such a cycle. And it promises (or threatens, depends on your viewpoint) to be the biggest one yet. A wave of applications requiring to be rewritten and repurposed is breaking at IT’s shores. And who better than the system integrators to play, as always, the role of wave breakers.

And they’re sure gearing up for it, amassing expertise and utilities. But as the game changes, so do its rules. The old playbooks of application modernization may not be enough. Over-charging, under-delivering and extreme reliance on offshore headcount will lose you clients instead of winning more over.

It’s time to RethinkITS TIME TO RETHINK 01

Rethink tooling

Manual rewrite with traditional utilities is no longer adequate. Period.


Rethink risk

The old approaches are too risky, lengthy and costly. Do you really want to take your clients down that route?

ITS TIME TO RETHINK 02Rethink the box

Application virtualization, one way of approaching application porting to modern platforms, is not only too costly, but fails to deliver the all-too-critical mobile experience that your customers expect. That particular snake will definitely bite its own tail.


Rethink automation

Unacceptable code is the only thing that automated application conversion software can reliably produce. As a system integrator, you’ve probably had enough experience to see the truth in this matter.


Rethink innovation

Innovation is sometimes the breaking of unexplored new grounds. But even more often, it is the finding of a shorter, easier path within a well explored territory.

The Digital Application Rewriter
is a Game Changer

We’ve taken the biggest challenges facing system integrators as they approach legacy modernization projects,
and turned them into opportunities.




Pricing and scheduling the project 

Our Assessment Wizard analyzes your customer’s legacy application by applying semantic understanding of all its dependencies and functionality
Using the statistics it generates, you do not only know the application better than the developers who wrote and maintained it for decades, but also the application’s environmental dependencies. Not a single stone is left unturned by the assessment wizard, as it discloses to you any and all information you need to accurately plan the project’s resources and schedules.

Staying on plan and schedule  GizmoxTransposition industrialized and constructed a Machine and a Methodology down to the last details of the project, and we’ll make it accessible to you
Acquiring and assigning
appropriately skilled
human resources

GizmoxTransposition machine encapsulate into rules and suggestions some of the best brains and transformation experts in the world. The machine will offer architectural suggestions and guide your architects safely through the process.
In short...



We need you. You need us. Let’s partner.

As innovative as the GizmoxTransposition technology is, we’re well aware that it’s people the connections they make and loyal custmersthat can best shape the contours of an organization’s application and software landscape.
Enroll in our partner program, and get:

- Partner Assessment & Analysis : Gizmox run assessment & does analysis for you, on your customer’s applications
- TS-Only program: GizmoxTransposition expert operates the Transposition studio for you, you get the transposed code and complete the manual tasks, testing, application integration and deployment
- Partner discounts: dedicated training and support programs
- Partner site licensing: available with minimum volume for partners only
- Partner fast POC programs: our experts do fast POC for your customers