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Does the ‘common wisdom’ of your entire organization reside in a written-for-desktop application? Or an outdated web application? Is your data-centric app using an unsupported or outdated Windows server? How well does your application respond to remote workers? Is it accessible to web and mobile users? How easy (or difficult) would moving it to the cloud be?


Our guess - you are getting no joy from your legacy business application. We feel your pain!As technology advances, new software platforms render legacy applications useless, making them a burden on your company’s business model.
As global corporations such as Microsoft continue to advance their software and products, support for older versions and platforms becomes hard to come by, or unfeasible to maintain.
This leaves many enterprises facing significant challenges as a result of their legacy apps. In fact surveys show that over 70% of all organizations are facing these challenges. It creates a constant need for a clear transition path between platforms, systems, and servers. Gizmox Transposition offers such a path. Fast, cost-efficient and of the highest quality. Gizmox digital-application-rewriter digitally reengineers your legacy application for modern platforms. We take pride with the code and application quality we deliver. They adhere to the strictest standards and best practices such as Microsoft FxCop standard. 
Recent surveys show that over 70% of all organizations around the world are facing application modernization challenges. You are receiving this communication because you most probably face this challenge as well and we would like to keep you updated on constant bases.

Why should you care about Gizmox Transposition? 

The history of information technology is a story of transitions. So far, we have witnessed the deep impact of no less than three generations of technology: first the IBM mainframe, then Microsoft PC, and now Computing Everywhere: from centralized servers and data infrastructure – to the cloud.

Each generational shift has seen organizations large and small struggle to keep up with the times. As an IT veteran, you’re surely aware of the fact that even 40 years after having been replaced, the mainframe is still alive and kicking at the heart of many enterprises. The inhibitive costs and significant risks of migrating mission critical (and even less than critical) applications to modern computing environments will give pause to even the most daring CIO. Read More.

So, how do I prove to my peers that your digital-app-rewriter can do it? A new Assessment Wizard version: 1.7, comes to your help  

Our Assessment Wizard tells you how ready your legacy application is for Transposition to modern platforms. It analyzes your legacy application by applying semantic understanding of all its dependencies and functionality. Using the statistics it generates, you do not only know the application better than the developers who wrote and maintained it for decades, but also the application’s environmental dependencies. Not a single stone is left unturned by the assessment wizard, as it discloses to you any and all of the information you need to accurately plan the project’s resources and schedules.

Now, with new simplified & intuitive user interface: 

And new data collection & analysis capabilities, that allow us to offer a POC in 72 hours

You may use this new version for a POC. A snapshot of your application code will be created by the assessment wizard for you to forward to the Gizmox experts. You also get an automatically executed NDA. Gizmox experts will use the data the assessment wizards collects to build a POC of a module of your application in the target environment with no commitment on your side and without additional info from you. You have got nothing to lose. 

For additional details see HERE   

To download the new assessment click HERE

What will we prove for you in a Proof of Concept?

We will show you how your legacy desktop app or outdated web app, can be transposed to modern desktop, HTML5 web or mobile (MVC architecture) applications with or without cloud backend, at 1/10 of the time & cost.   

For more details and code beyond, see HERE


* 71% of respondents believe application modernization has a positive impact on business efficiency. Source CSC -



Fact: hundreds of millions of lines of code in legacy applications written in classic ASP, VB6, VB.Net, PowerBuilder and other legacy languages, put into service during times when social networks and touch smartphones were the stuff of futuristic dreams, lurk in organizations across the land. These legacy applications contaminate organizations, – including yours probably – with corroded functionality, eroded productivity and doomed maintenance efforts.
Traditionally, transforming and modernizing legacy apps required a difficult choice between a limited number of options. Your organization could:


  • Start a manual rewrite project using internal or external resources, or Start a manual rewrite project using internal or external resources, or
  • Use one of a few automated migration products

2014 saw the emergence of a new approach that digitally rewrites legacy desktop to new operating systems such as Win 7, 8 and 10, and new Web, Mobile and Cloud platforms, called Transposition, which is the first digital-app-rewrite method.

How to break free from legacy applications?

download a practical modernization guide

NEW! ISV’s low budget offering

At Gizmox TS we understand the ISVs wish to enjoy high quality Transpositions to new web, mobile and cloud platforms, while employing their own development resources to reduce out of pocket expenditure.
See our offerings: here

New successful pilot projects: ASP.NET MVC with Cloud back-end & HTML5 front-end

Refactoring and Re-engineering have always been the most challenging factors in porting legacy apps to completely new platforms. Up to now in most cases they required expert manual work. Now these features are available in the Transposition Studio suite and are being used for new projects. Learn more about the suite. Ask for a demo and POC for your application.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies


What Fortune500 sm

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Now, a new Assessment Wizard version with new options

Our do-it-yourself Assessment Wizard analyzes gaps between your legacy applications to the chosen target platform. You get a choice of 2 modes:
1. Report only
2. Advance mode for a fast POC.
Both are free Download with registration.


Today we are proud to present a new Transposition era

Legacy applications and decades-old code, and their incompatibility with modern platforms like mobile and web, remain painful issues for corporations worldwide.

In the past, Gizmox-patented Transposition technology and the Visual WebGui platform have been our twin engines powering conversion of legacy code and business applications to new, more secure and accessible operating systems. Recently, Gizmox Transposition has spun off from Visual WebGui to focus on Transposition only, and with this spin-off we are happy to announce a host of novelties: new target platforms; a new service partner,and new solution evaluation and selection tools


New enhanced Transposition refactoring & re-engineering features

Refactoring and Re-engineering have always been the most challenging factors in porting legacy apps to the new platforms. Up to now in most cases they required expert manual work. Now these features are available in the Transposition Studio suiteLearn more about the suite.

New target platforms: ASP.NET MVC with Cloud back-end & HTML5 front-end

You can now convert to even more target applications: VB6 - Older .NET - Win Forms (VB.NETor C#) - Classic VB /ASP or Visual WebGui and targets: ASP.NET MVC (C# or VB.NET). To learn more visit the Gizmox Transposition website.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

What Fortune500 sm

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Looking for Transposition specialists? Our new affiliated partner can help

We now offer fast, reliable end-to-end professional Transposition services by an affiliated partner.  The expert service is being operated in a factory-like mode (code in, code out including QA) which leverages the new capabilities of the Transposition Studio to its maximum.
Read more about Transposition experts GalilCS.

Need help navigating the confusing maze of code conversion options? We've built an array of new tools to assist you.

New & enhanced assessment wizard

Our self-service Assessment Wizard virtually compiles your legacy applications to the chosen target platform. It then analyzes the gaps, and reports them for further analysis. It's an amazing value for the most amazing price of all: free!

As a bonus, you can feed the output of your complimentary assessment tool into our brand new ROI calculator. Simply contact us after you have run the assessment process and we'll get you going - fast and easy.

New, field-proven solution evaluation process

At Gizmox Transposition we understand your wariness of false vendors promises and prolonged evaluation cycles. That's why we've equipped our consultants with the knowledge and tools they need to help you quickly evaluate the solution that best fits your needs.

Fast POC

Run the assessment in advance mode, it provides a snap shoot of your application code and environmental dependencies and ask for a fast POC. You will see a subset of your application run in the new target environment.